Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gambling and Karma


I have heard this word used by various people throughout the Online Gambling Industry many times lately. I began to think to myself, what exactly IS karma and how does it effect gamblers? Will good karma make me a casino game winner? And if so, how do I get it? I started on my way to find out by reading what other books and people had to say about karma.

I began researching encyclopedias, dictionaries and some very “mystical” websites that explore Eastern philosophies. What I found, in short form, is that many Eastern religions consider karma to be an important aspect of existence. It is believed that our existence is a perpetual cycle of life, death and rebirth. The deeds and present actions that are done in our lives are believed to help determine the outcome of our future and our destiny, both in this life and the next. So how then can we apply this to gambling? I like the “what goes around comes around” mantra.

Some would say that gambling is sacrilege and immoral and has no ethical relationship to karma, but consider this for a moment. Social “norms” have changed through the years, especially in Western culture. If you are with a group of Tibetan Priests, it may be considered taboo to mention or participate in gambling, however, if you are in Las Vegas with a group of gamblers, you would be considered a prude if you didn’t drop a coin in the slots or play a few hands at a table. I guess the perception all depends on who you hang with these days.

Karma seems to be alive and well everywhere we go. My Grandma use to say, “When you give, you get.” She hit the nail right on the head, in my opinion. Have you ever noticed that when you do a good deed, often you receive something unexpected in return? How many of you have tossed some chips or cash to someone who was short and wanted to play? Have you ever noticed that your “luck” seems to have changed while you are playing at the casinos? Is this karma in action? I have read about things like this happening to someone on the forums or gambling websites and always find it amazing, in a mysterious kind of way. Karma, coincidence, “what goes around comes around,” what this phenomenon is you will have to decide, but I can tell you this …

Personally, I believe in karma! When I see those huge Internet Casino jackpot winners being announced, I sit here in awe, curious about what they might have done to draw the positive energies to them and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to test my own karma!

Good day and good gaming to you!¨

Barb S

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